Unleashing new value


The firm’s peculiarity is its generational vocation. In fact, all its members have been selected on the basis of specific personal requirements (under age 40) and solid academic preparation.

The goal of our practice is to support companies in reaching new value.

Studio Funaro Sonnino Team

founding partners

Bruno Funaro

Born in Rome on March 8th, 1984.

Professionally, he assists real estate funds by providing assistance in reference to corporate banking and bankruptcy law, in the field of extraordinary transactions and cross-border real estate development.
Works in Italian, English, and Hebrew.

Angelo Sonnino

Born in Rome on February 25th, 1985

Professionally, he works with two of the major national air carriers, providing direct assistance in reference to the law of air navigation. He specializes in the carbon finance sector and in the implementation of zero emissions projects, assisting leading national and international companies in the generation and marketing of carbon credits.

Works in Italian and English.


Funaro Sonnino & Partners is composed of five additional professionals expertising in the firm’s reference matters and four additional collaborators responsible for relations with administrative and judicial offices.

Manuel Montecolli


Alessandra Romano

Chiara Scagnoli


Massimo Di Segni

Marta Cesari

Mattia Raccah